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Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Is Whey Protein? What Is The Composition Of Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a complete protein and nine amino acids and low lactose content. Whey is composed of milk proteins, whey and casein where is usually separated from casein through filtration and drying to achieve the powder form referred as whey protein shake.
What then is the composition of this protein supplement? The following is the principal composition of whey protein formed in three main categories.
                    Whey protein concentrate (WPC) - This protein contains low fat and lactose levels. The protein content ranges from 30%-90% concentrates.
                    Whey proteins isolate (WPI) - This is whey protein with over 90% protein and is made by removing all the fat and lactose.
                    Whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) - This is whey protein that has undergone partial hydrolysis that is a necessary step in the body during absorption of proteins. This makes this protein to be easily digestible. It is often used for medical purposes as a supplement and infant formulas
The Leading Health Benefits of Whey Protein Shake
Whey protein shake is has become very popular among several people around the world, especially athletes and bodybuilders. This is because of the attached benefits of this kind of protein established by numerous researchers. These include:
                    Help in weight loss
                    Known to have anti-cancer properties
                    Lower cholesterol level in the body through burning down of fats
                    Lower blood pressure through reduced cholesterol levels and hence reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases
                    Whey protein improve the immune system in children with asthma hence reducing risks
These benefits are extremely important courtesy of best bodybuilding supplements. Get whey supplements and start enjoying all its benefits.
Are There Any Side Effect- Whey Protein
If you are allergic to lactose or milk, you are automatically allergic to whey. If taken in moderate doses and quantities, whey proteins do not result in adverse effects.   High doses may be at the root of stomach pains, nausea, headache, reduced appetite, cramps and fatigue.
In order to be safe with whey proteins, always consumed the recommended doses before or after workouts. Otherwise, whey protein is the best protein for bodybuilding.
Producing Whey Protein Shake- How Whey Is Made
Are you trying to find out how whey protein shakes are produced? This is a very interesting but a simple question. In order to prepare way proteins, milk is left over to coagulate until a solution of water loaded with minerals and contains 5% lactose is achieved. The leftover by-product is now what we call whey and is comprised of 20% milk protein and 80% casein, curds in cottage cheese.
The liquid whey is separated from casein by filtered through several filters to remove all non-whey components. After filtration, the whey is then purified through an ion exchange process. To finalize these steps, water is removed from whey by drying to end up with powder in a drying tower. The final product is a whey shake, which is ready for consumption.

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